How many times have you been faced with the following scenario as a blackjack player? You have a card hand value of 20 and do not request another card; the dealer has a card hand value of 16. One thinks immediately of the possibility that the dealer will buy himself on the next move, right? However, if he has another card worth five, then you have lost the game as a player. Another scenario – you hold a value of 12, the dealer a value of 10 on the hand. You decide to get another card of 10 and have become overbought. Sometimes you just can not undo a move and turn back the clock. In a new blackjack variant from the House Microgaming you can do this! Microgaming’s European Blackjack Redeal Gold Series allows players to redistribute their hand! Of course, this is associated with a small price tag; free of charge there is nothing in life.

Before we go into more detail with the other features and the Redeal variant of Microgaming deal with a few of the other rules and specifics. As you can see from the name, this is a European blackjack version; So there is no “hole card” and no check of the dealer on blackjack. The dealer must choose “Stand” for a card hand value of 17 and play with two stacks of cards. In general, the special rules for the player a little more advantageous than other versions. There is no insurance against blackjack (insurance), but that would be a waste of money anyway. Detailed rules regarding splitting and doubling can be found in the online help of the game.

The Redeal rules in this version are as follows – The player can redistribute a maximum of 5 cards per game. The Redeal My Hand option eliminates all of the player’s cards and gives you two new cards, as dealt at the beginning of each game. Redeal Last Card causes the last received card to be redistributed. Redeal Dealer Hand and all dealer cards are dealt again. However, if the player is overbought then the dealer’s hand can not be redistributed again. If the dealer has been dealt a blackjack or card-hand value of 21, then logically, there is no longer a redeal option. Some Redeal options are free, while others require further action.

Once the first cards have been distributed, the above options are available. The cost of a redeal is always less than the original ante. However, you have to be clear before any redeal decision about whether it is beneficial and whether the use of more money is worthwhile in the end. In general, one should look at this variant in the game and practice mode and a few risk-free test matches. So you get very quickly a sense of whether or not additional benefits are worthwhile with certain redeal options or not. Interestingly, this variant is definitely recommended for beginners and blackjack beginners.