Anyone who has already decided on blackjack as the online casino game, I can only congratulate him on his decision! Forget about all other pure gambling; These are in my opinion pure waste of time and money. If you take my interesting and informative article on the 7-wisdom or basic blackjack strategy to heart, you will most likely win a prize at the end of every online casino visit. Try out the following strategies without real money on Mr Green.

So what’s up with the basic blackjack strategies? How, what and in general should one play, pay attention and above all apply? If you already know the rules of blackjack, you will not have any problems with the following tips.

1. If you got dealt low cards, then request another one

You got dealt a low card; then of course you should request another card. Why? Well, the chance exists that the dealer holds an even higher value in the hand, so better yet a card to outdo him, right?

2. Know when you no longer request another card

In most cases, when you have three cards in hand, you already have a value close to 21 in blackjack, right? OK, that may not always be the case, but the chance of over-buying when you request a new card is very high. Knowing when to hold on enough without this happening is another key to defeating the dealer.

3. A higher card has been dealt?

Stay on the safe side if you do not want another card or request another with a bit of gusto and risk.

4. Even small bets add up, and so do the winnings

With most blackjack variants of online casinos you can place bets of € 0.10, another reason why I prefer online blackjack to other games. From time to time you should of course risk higher amounts of money, no question, but only if you already have a solid bankroll, right?

5. A couple on hand … then maybe split it up, right?

OK, here too there are certainly exceptions; in no case split a 10-he, 9-pair; prefer to do this with lower pairs; so you still have the chance not to overbake and even win both split map hands.

6. Double if the opportunity presents itself

For certain card hands it is worth the risk to double and hit the dealer with another card on the hand. With a card hand value of say 8, 9, 10 or 11, it’s worth it; you will be near or exactly at 21.

7. If you really have a lousy hand, give it up better

It is in the nature of things that you also want to win blackjack, no question. However, some card hands are too bad and the dealer’s card is too good to keep playing and losing all of their stakes, right? Better to lose half of the bet on giving up than to play at full risk and possibly double it! The next round will certainly be better.