As already mentioned in one of the articles about blackjack strategies, blackjack generally offers the possibility to reduce the house edge to almost zero and in return to increase the chances of winning. This can be achieved with the help of basic strategies, eg the use of a strategy table, but also and especially with the art of card counting. What this card counting is all about and how you can learn and successfully apply this art can be found on this page.

Card counting in itself is a very effective way to keep track of a blackjack game and make the best game decisions accordingly; however, card counting is NOT fraud or tampering. Players have always tried to gamble with tricks and scams the casinos, or vice versa. A very popular method, for example, was the use of devices that were hidden in the shoe and, even if it may sound incredible, have been operated with the toe. The current map situation and which played cards were transferred in this way to a second device outside the casino and analyzed the remaining maps and the probabilities. The information thus obtained was then transmitted back to the player via a small earplug speaker.

One method that is not liked by casinos or casinos (if they are even noticed) is the mental counting of the remaining cards – the true art of card counting. Mental card counting is basically nothing other than analyzing the cards played and remaining in the card shoe; Not every single played card is counted or memorized, but divides the cards into high and low categories. The simplest of such systems is the hi-lo system. The cards in the value of 2 to 6 are assigned a value of +1, the 10-value cards, including face cards, and the aces a value of -1. One learns with the help of this system which card values ​​could still be in the card shoe. If the totalized count is positive, then one can assume that a lot of high quality cards are still in the shoe. Land based casinos try to reduce the potential success of the hi-lo system by mixing the cards frequently.

If you play at one of the many online casinos on the Internet, you can use the art of card counting without any problems and try it out for free. Every good online casino offers most, if not all, blackjack variants in free playmoney and practice mode. So you can try the hi-lo system without any risk and even without a guilty conscience even one of the many blackjack strategy and decision tables to help. The latter are offered for free on any blackjack variant on the internet on blackjack sites and player forums. All possible game situations, ie the card hand of the player and the revealed card of the dealer are indicated with tips and decision aids on the tables.